INT-P-TAG Red Push Pull Plastic Connector Straight Plug

P Series Plastic Connector with the following main features:
1) Small size to accommodate cable diameter up to 6.5 mm and allow up to 14 solder contacts.
2) Lightweight and rugged materials,rapid push-pull locking system.
3) Out shell-POLYCARBONATE (PC),Insulator-PPS,RoHS certified can be sterilized by gas or by steam.
4) The contacts are gold-plated over copper and nickel.
5) Straight and Elbow;PCB and Solder contacts.
6) At least 2000 mating/unmating cycles without significantly affecting the electrical characteristics.
7) A keying system combined with colour coding can be prevention of mismating.

Product size:

Multiple Key:
Note:All our part numbers begin with” INT-”, for example: INT-P-TAG.M0.3GL.AC52R
“52” mean the size of cable collet 5.2MM (request for cable diameter).
Color options: G (Grey),N (Black),A (Blue),J (Yellow),R (Red),V (Green), B (White)

INTE-AUTO has designed,manufactured and distributed circular plastic Push-Pull connectors;they are especially adapted for applications such as medical electronics and test & measurement.We offer a wide choice of connectors with various contact configurations,multipole contacts and fluidic connectors.In addition,a range of one time use connectors and connectors for mains power is available.The plastic connectors are available in two sizes,depending on the cable diameter.
Industry Application:
It has 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,14 pins for your choice,which can be widely used in medical ECG equipment,detection system,test system,instrumentation,endoscopy,computer system,electronic/mixed coaxial unlimited equipment and so on.

1P series connectors manufactured by INTE-AUTO are lightweight circular medical connectors designed to transmit signal, power, liquids, and gasses in a wide variety of medical, industrial, and test and measurement equipment. They are 75% lighter weight and 200% cost than comparable metal connectors, reliable push-pull locking mechanism, highly resistant to chemicals, and apply to autoclave and other sterilization processes, enable simply plug in and space saving, we can offer IP50 and IP64 protection when mated.
The size is M14 with up to 14 positions, solder or PCB contacts, INTE-AUTO also can offer connectors cable assemblies and over molded cable solutions.

INTE-AUTO as an OEM/ODM manufacturer which can offer medical push-pull connect the system with low voltage contacts solutions.
The 1P series low-voltage contacts female connectors are available with complete cable assembly as a system solution. We use cables customized to market requirements for industrial and medical applications – tailor-made for the respective requirements! This service enables us to offer our customers the INTE-AUTO 1P series low-voltage connectors and cables for meet their applications, including full cable assembly, as a standard solution for the medical and industrial markets.

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