INT-TGG Hybrid Coaxial Connector Straight Plug B Series

The main features of these series are as follows:

• Miniaturization
• Ease of installation
• Save space
• Quick Push-Pull self locking
• Combined transmission of various media in one interface:
  electrical (signals, power, data)
  physical (liquids, gases)
Smaller, lighter, more powerful hybrid connectors,what apply for end devices in the areas of industry, medical technology, as well as test and measurement is also a key requirement for the connecting interfaces and transmission infrastructure.They are suited for use in harsh environments while ensuring high numbers of mating cycles.

INT-TGG.2B.310+1C.CLADXXZ = Straight plug with key (G), 2B series, coaxial contact and 10 low voltage electrical contacts, chrome-plated brass housing, PPS insulator,collet system to suit a 6.1 to 9.0 mm diameter cable, and a nut for fitting a bend relief.

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