INT-HR01PZ2 H series Push Pull Industry Connector Socket 4 6 10 12 Pins

1. High performance, miniature circular connectors.
2. Highly reliable design for compact, high density application.
3. Small in size and full featured connectors with a well integrated design.
4. Extremely easy mating/un-mating operations.
5. Easy to operable, the single-action push-pull lock structure allows for quick and efficient locking and unlocking.
Product size:
1246 898

Technical characteristics:
4 pin female industry connector, 6 pin push pull industry connector, 10 pin H series connector, 12 pin industry connector socket with part number below:

INT-HR10A-7R-4P INT-HR10A-7R-6P INT-HR10A-10R-10P INT-HR10A-10R-12P
INT-HR10A-7R-4S INT-HR10A-7R-6S INT-HR10A-10R-10S INT-HR10A-10R-12S

1. Panel Mounting Style: Screw, Bulk-head.
2. Water Resistance: IP 67.
3. Number of Positions:4, 5, 6, 10, 12.
4. Rated Current: 2A.
5. Rated Voltage (AC): AC 100, 150V.
6. Rated Voltage (DC): DC 140, 200V.
7. Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ 85°C.
INTE-AUTO design, manufacture and distribute high performance push-pull connector and cable assembly solutions. With professional R&D, excellent craftsmanship, high quality & competitive price to meet clients’ real needs, help to cost down and shorten delivery time.

INT-HR01PZ2 H series Push Pull Industry Connector Socket 4 6 10 12 Pins Related Video:

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